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The trial of Walon Lannister has just ended. The manipulative former head of house Lannister has been sent to the wall by the new King, Logan Baratheon. This could be seen as a sign of respect for life or a true punishment to strip a Lannister of his family.

Now begins the coronation of the new King! All are welcome to partake in the celebration and fill themselves on drink and feast!

The prodigal son of Walon Lannister has also returned. Will the exile of his father put the West at odds with the Crown? Time will tell...

Rating & CREDS

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 Posted: Apr 24 2014, 04:41 PM
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The Golden Rule: Don't be a Dick!

1. OOC Accounts
When you first join the board you may register with an out of character username until you find what you want to make for a character. Once you have decided on your character name, please register for your character account and link your accounts via your control panel. Having an OOC name will help us to contact you regarding OOC issues. This should be used for posting to OOC threads only! Likewise, your character accounts should only be used for IC forums and threads!

2. Stealing

You are not allowed to steal or use anyone else's work on the site without their permission. This is not only against our rules, but against the law!

If a character has gone inactive and put up for adoption, this does not count as stealing work. The user has left willingly and with such a board that has intertwined politics, it is unfair to all involved for a major player to suddenly disappear.

3. Advertising
Advertising of any kind are restricted exclusively to the Advertising & Affiliation section of the board. For advertising rules, please view the advertising forum! It is Guest Friendly!

4. Spamming
Spamming on Fire & Blood is not allowed. Double posting is not allowed. Please wait a minimum of 48 hours before bumping threads.

5. Content
This rating for this forum is 21+/ Mature, as some of the writing may describe gore or sexual situations. If you are going to do a thread that expresses a large amount of mature content, please tag the threads title with [M] to warn others who may look at the thread. However, we DO NOT allow sex with minors. If the character is under the age of 16, you may not write sex with them.

6. Respect
We ask that here on Fire & Blood you show respect to all members in threads, games, the Cbox, etc.. If you have a problem with another member, Please do not bring it to the board. Be the bigger person and contact an admin or moderator. If you are having issues with an Admin, bring it to another admin. We are here for you all, and we want this to be a fun filled experience.

7. Character Naming
Try your best to keep the names of your characters as medieval as possible, so they best fit the time and roleplay. There are many resources at your disposal and there are plenty of name generators out there. Please visit the Resources thread, in the 'Help Desk' forum, for naming, medieval, and GOT resources.

We also ask that when you register your characters username and link it to your OOC account, you register with a First, Middle(Optional), and Last name. Please do not put titles in your account name, if you make a mistake simply ask a staff member and they will be more than willing to fix it for you.

8. Character Limit

When it comes to the lineage of characters, two are allowed to be either from one of the seven major houses or a red priest/ess or a faceless or clan leaders or any high raking social status. As well only one can be a Lord Paramount or equivalent. This keeps the game of thrones being played rather than making a character for your plan ooc.

We do not have a limit as to how many characters that you are allowed to have, however we suggest you try to juggle no more than six characters unless you are able to keep up with them all. With a site based on characters of power whether that be ability or social position, it is only fair to everyone to give each character proper attention. This prevents characters made specifically for plots and alliance. This way the other members of the board will need to work with each other for such things, which is the true nature of A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones.

Not feeling your character anymore after you made it? That happens to the best of us! So if you haven't joined in threads yet, just let Staff know and we will archive it for you. No harm, no foul!

9. Godmodding/Powerplaying/Metagaming
Godmodding, Powerplaying, and Metagaming or any of the sort are not allowed, and not tolerated here on Fire & Blood.

10. Character Death

To keep things as realistic as possible and as close to the canon we abide by, any character can die. Character resurrection is possible and it is achievable, if you are willing to work for it. However, do not fear that your character will be senselessly killed. We like George R.R. Martin, but we aren't him! Rest assured that your character will not be killed off unless you desire so or through fair fighting!

12. Posting
We understand that things do come up, and life does get in the way. However on Fire & Blood things can change at any moment (This is Game of Thrones afterall!), and key players need to remain active. Those who do not post at least once every two weeks can have their turn skipped and after a month their characters can be archived, unless it is noted in the absence forum.

Characters that have not posted in a month or more, will be killed or taken out of play in some way. If you want to keep your characters, please stay active!

The timeline for posting is so that the site event is the current time. All posts must occur from the day of your character's birth until the current event. Future posts cannot account for current actions therefore conflict. Posting in the future does not protect your character from present conflicts. The entire thread may need to be deleted to keep continuity.

13. Essos to Westeros and vice versa
Seeing as we have both Westeros and Essos covered on Fire & Blood, this is a rather important rule. People from Westeros may go to Essos, People from Essos may go to Westeros. When it comes to large, NPC companies of soldiers, we must look at this in a realistic sense. It would take months for someone to travel to and fro, by themselves. You would need a huge fleet of ships, and the money to pay for it, to ship in the Unsullied, the Golden Company, or the Men of Highgarden from from one side of the ocean to the other. Before you even decide to try, please speak to a staff member about this and what it would take.

14. Plotting and Drama
This is the Game of Thrones...of course there is going to be drama. We get that. Betrayal, lies, deceit and death are all parts of the series. Still, be mindful of yourself when plotting and try not to cause real life drama while you are creating IC drama. Do not try to force people to your will Out of Character. Most of this plotting should be done in the plotters or in character. You may make plans with other people and their characters, but do not 'seal the fate' of characters that are not yours. People are going to surprise you, so don't count your chickens before they are hatched!

Please also refrain from making power characters to help other people's plots! This is NOT ALLOWED. If we find that someone did this, they will lose rights to that character. If this continues, the member will be banned.

15. Discrimination

We will not, in any shape or form, tolerate discrimination by or against members. Discrimination due to race, gender, age or sexual orientation is forbidden. We are all people, regardless. Be respectful and treat others as you wish to be treated. If we find that you are discriminating against another member on this forum, you will be banned.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns! I would be more than happy to help you! user posted image

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